The Bad Effects Of Pornography On Teenagers

  • pornotettone
  • July 13, 2016
  • The side effects of pornography have never been put clear and people may tend to think that it is because there are no effects. Unfortunately, there are and some of them are bad. Starting to watch porn at a young age can worsen these effects. Adults should always be aware of what their adolescents are doing, and should maintain discipline when they are surfing the web. Below we’ve listed some of the bad side effects that come with watching porn.

    Porn can wreck your libido

    A man’s sex drive may be one of the biggest assets that he wouldn’t want to destroy. Unfortunately, excessive porn can kill your desire for sex. This is because what you see online is what you will expect to see in real life. Your expectations get crushed when you find that porn doesn’t reflect sex in real life. This will lower your desire for sex when you find a partner who is not living up to what your favorite porn star does. You may fail get an erection during sex sessions no matter how hard the other party tries.

    Sexual violence

    Just like cocaine, porn is addictive. You may start by watching and viewing just a few images a day but you will eventually find yourself making time specifically to watch porn. It starts with less erotic images but one’s satisfaction is never quenched, and they will find themselves looking for more erotic and harder images. This may lead them to sexually violent websites which they will see as being normal. The effect of this is that it can have a negative impact on their actual sex life, and they may end up being sexually violent.

    Dirty mentality

    This is an obvious side effect and unfortunate as it can effect anyone who watches porn, even beginners. One starts viewing the other parties as sex objects, and this mostly effects men. You start creating imaginations in your head, thinking of having sex with your classmates, workmates and sometimes even your relatives! This can be quite a distraction as you will not be able to concentrate well in the presence of other people. This is why most pornography addicts are seen segregating themselves from other people. A habit as little as watching porn can wreck your social life.

    It is not only adolescents that get affected by this but also grownups. For many years now cases have been reported that porn has led to relationships getting ruined, and marriages breaking apart.

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